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Concrete Balusters

Coconut Creek Precast Concrete Bollards


Since 1965, we've made Coconut Creek precast concrete bollards for many different properties, including retail businesses, schools, and public lots. Atlantic Coast Precast specializes in casting custom products made from precast concrete. There are many advantages to precast concrete, particularly the extreme strength, durability, and lifelong stability they can provide in your parking lots and along your sidewalks. Call for a FREE quote, today.

Concrete bollards are a smart choice when you want a high-impact solution. Along your sidewalks and in your public lots, these barriers can be used to mark parking spots and prevent vehicle roll-offs. In Coconut Creek, precast concrete bollards will be a great way to protect parked vehicles, pedestrians, vegetation, signs, fences, and buildings from oncoming traffic, lot sweepers, and wreckless drivers. Our bollards have graduated ends to reduce the risk of cutting tires.

Since the Roman empire, bollards have been used for functionality and form in architectural design. They are considered an integral part of modern parking lot design and will guide drivers into parking spaces without fading away in time like paint. Plus, we reinforce each of our Coconut Creek precast concrete bollards with dual lengths of rebar to reduce cracking and strengthen each post. If you're an architect, contractor, designer, engineer, or any other industry professional we can produce custom precast products cast from your unique samples, sketches, and specifications. Call today to get started.

Additional color options and designs are available.

Rail Caps are placed on top of the balusters/balustrades to enhance the finished look and strengthen the installation

Steel or fiberbar is used in our balusters/balustrades for reinforcement. Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

We offer a broad range of balusters designs and can skillfully accommodate all your customization needs as well.

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