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Coral Springs Concrete Lintels


Coral Springs Concrete Lintels from Atlantic Coast Precast can be used as headers above windows and doorways. They can also be used in large openings such as patios or porches. Atlantic Coast Precast was started in 1965 and we have since then gained a stellar reputation. Using concrete lintels can help you save money and time, since they are economical and provide strong support for structures. Lintels also work well with a large range of surface finishes and produce flawless results. Atlantic Coast Precast is recognized as a top construction and restoration business. Industry professionals such as contractors, architects, engineers, and designers love working with our concrete lintels.

Additional color options and designs are available.

Boca Raton Coral Springs Concrete Lintels can be customized according to your specifications, drawings, and samples. We offer affordable customized installations for your individual needs by using the latest in technological advances. Concrete lintels work well with different types of surface finishes and do not require any special preparation. You can choose from various sizes and loadings for customizations. Concrete lintels use the composite action of the concrete and brick/block work to create their load-bearing capacities. Our clients use our concrete lintels in different construction and restoration projects with great flexibility.

Our Coral Springs Concrete Lintels are designed with Florida's Building Code Requirements. Concrete lintels are rigid, strong, and durable which makes them great for supporting wall weight and other loads over openings. We will begin the process of customizing your design by creating a cast of your design. Your design can be changed by adding or removing molds. The end result is a flawless finishing job that our clients love. For more information about our concrete lintels call us today! We look forward to assisting you!

We offer Precast Concrete U-Shaped Lintels: 8" x 8" x 2'10" up to 14'.
Also available in U-Shaped is 8" x 12" up to 14'

Our pre-stressed lintels are available in sizes 8" x 8" up to 24'

Our most popular sizes are:


3’-0” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
3’-6” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
4’-0” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
4’-6” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
5’-4” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
5’-10” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
6’-6” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#4 rebar
7’-6” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#4 rebar
8’-8” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#4 rebar
9’-4” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#4 rebar
10’-6” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#4 rebar
11’-4” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#5 rebar
12’-0” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#5 rebar
13’-4” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#5 rebar
14’-0” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#5 rebar
Coral Springs Concrete Lintels
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