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Concrete Balusters

Dania Concrete Bollards


Dania, Concrete Bollards that will last you a long time and help to add elegance to your architectural design are available from our experts at Atlantic Coast Precast. Our concrete bollards are very popular with industry professionals such as architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and other professionals. Atlantic Coast Precast was started in 1965, and has an excellent reputation. Our concrete bollards are available in various colors and finishes, but our experts can also customize them for you. You can bring us an example of the design that you want, on a drawing, illustration, or specifications. Contact us today to get more information!

Dania our Concrete Bollards will not warp, creep, or shrink like other materials. Our precast concrete bollards are manufactured from Portland concrete, which has a strong center that offers maximum support. Precast concrete hold up well in construction and renovation projects since it does not weaken over time. They are built to last and endure all the elements. Our concrete bollards add dramatic flair to any contemporary design, and offer easy maintenance. They add contrast while still remaining versatile

Dania, our concrete bollards are often found on military bases, schools, shopping malls, and many other locations. They can be molded into different shapes so that you can create any design you like. Our large selection of bollards will really impress you. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. When you hire us, we will make you our top priority! Call us today to discuss your specific needs. We will give you a free quote when you call us!

Additional color options and designs are available.

Rail Caps are placed on top of the balusters/balustrades to enhance the finished look and strengthen the installation

Steel or fiberbar is used in our balusters/balustrades for reinforcement. Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

We offer a broad range of balusters designs and can skillfully accommodate all your customization needs as well.

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