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Decorative Concrete Blocks


Atlantic Coast Precast provides high-quality Decorative Concrete Blocks that provide a decorative aspect to your project while still providing protection. Enhancing privacy without compromising illumination, these blocks can be installed in stairwells, walkways, and parking garages. We have worked with architects, contractors, engineers, and construction professionals across South Florida since 2015, offering both standard and custom cast design elements. Using your samples, specifications, and sketches to create designs that elevate your projects when we do not have the right size or design in our inventory.;

Additional color options and designs are available.

Atlantic Coast Precast prioritizes customer satisfaction when providing Decorative Concrete Blocks for new construction and renovation projects. These blocks are crafted using a durable Portland cement blend that is reinforced to endure extreme weather conditions. Offering protection from wind, rain, and debris, breeze blocks allow light and air to pass through and can be used across a number of applications. Meeting strict industry standards with our reinforced Portland cement and consistent sizing with our high quality molds, we offer a number of designs and patterns to enhance your project.

Working hand in hand with the dedicated professionals at Atlantic Coast Precast, all products are manufactured in our local facility using top quality molds and a reinforced Portland Cement mixture, proving that you can trust our products for unmatched performance at an affordable price. Precast decorative concrete blocks not only offer enduring strength but also provide a sophisticated element to your designs. Our products can be used to complement various architectural styles and our collaborative design approach allows clients to bring even the most intricate ideas to reality. Call today to learn more!

Our decorative concrete blocks are enhanced even more by adding finish caps to the top of the deco blocks. Not only does it make your space more beautiful, but it also strengthens the decorative wall installation. When we create our concrete mixture we add a mono-filament microfiber concrete additive to the mix. This helps to make it more durable and stronger. Concrete blocks are among the most durable of materials one can use. To really help to increase strength.

We will also work with you to produce custom designed deco blocks based on your specifications or you can provide us a sample block to work from.

Decorative concrete blocks from Atlantic Coast Precast will really impress you! We will make you our top priority when you hire us. Our team of experts will work hard to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We will do everything possible to get you the concrete blocks you want or to customize them for you in any color you desire. You will not regret your decision to hire us. Call us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific needs!

ACP has many styles of Decorative Blocks available, each manufactured to the highest standard.. The most common sizes are 4'' x 12''x12'' and 4'' x 16''x16''

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