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Hallandale Light Pole Protection

Precast Hallandale Light Pole Protection


Our Precast Hallandale Light Pole Protection, also known as Precast Bollards are an effective means of protecting light poles on your property. Atlantic Coast Precast is a Precast concrete manufacturer, with one of our specialties of creating Precast concrete barriers for outdoor street light poles. Our Precast bollards are designed to reduce the severity of any vehicle impact on light poles. Not only are our barriers not only protect, but they can also be decorative. With drivers focused on finding empty parking stalls, cars backing in and out and turning spontaneously, accidental hitting light poles can be frequent.

Our Precast cement bollards can protect the post, not only from damage, but from hard impacts that could compromise the light pole resulting in it falling over. Here at Atlantic Coast Precast we have a vast selection of colors and designs of bollards. Our Hallandale Light Pole Protection bollards can also serve as an attractive security barriers for any commercial, industrial or residential location. The natural heavy weight and strength of our Precast concrete ensures these bollards will provide a maximum level of stability and durability. Bollards provide a protective guidance that extends security and safety in any area they are placed.

Our Precast concrete Hallandale Light Pole Protection bollards are widely used by state and federal government agencies, outdoor malls, residential complexes, parks and everywhere safety is a priority. The simple styling easily becomes part of the landscape and provide proven protection. While bollards are sometimes constructed from collapsible materials to minimize damage to vehicles, Atlantic Coast Precast creates our Precast concrete bollards for maximum protection and durability. We have been in business since 1965, with our many years of experience we provide the most effective Precast concrete solutions for architects and construction professionals.

Steel or fiber bar is used in our bollards for reinforcement. Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength.

We offer many styles of bollards and are happy to work with you to customize a product to suit your needs, because we realize every project is unique

Additional color options and designs are available.

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