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Concrete Lintels

Lauderdale by the Sea Concrete Lintels


Lauderdale by the Sea Concrete Lintels provided by Atlantic Coast Precast offer a cost-effective solution for construction and restoration projects. Our business was started in 1965 and we have a stellar reputation. Industry professionals such as architects, contractors, engineers, and designers use our concrete lintels in their daily work. Lintels can be placed above windows as headers and above doorways. In addition to large openings such as patios or porches. Our high strength lintels will help you save money and time in the long-run, as well as produce a better finishing job. Concrete lintels offer excellent support for structures and work well with many surface finishes.

Additional color options and designs are available.

Lauderdale by the Sea Concrete Lintels are a popular choice for industry professionals working in the construction and restoration fields. Since lintels are available in various sizes and openings they make an excellent addition to any architectural design. They do not require any special preparation, and are a rapid solution to economical robust masonry support openings of doors and windows. Concrete lintels work with the composite action of the concrete and brick to create a higher load-bearing capacity. When we customize an installation for you we use the latest technological tools available in the manufacturing field. You will be very pleased with the final results!

Lauderdale by the Sea Concrete Lintels are manufactured according to Florida's Building Code Requirements for strength design. Lintels work as beams to provide support to the weight of walls and other loads over an opening. Since they are rigid, durable and strong, they are also resistant to fire and aesthetics. To have your concrete lintels customized you may provide our staff with samples, drawings, or specifications. We will start with a cast of your design and change it by either adding or removing molds. For more information please call us today!

We offer Precast Concrete U-Shaped Lintels: 8" x 8" x 2'10" up to 14'.
Also available in U-Shaped is 8" x 12" up to 14'

Our pre-stressed lintels are available in sizes 8" x 8" up to 24'

Our most popular sizes are:


3’-0” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
3’-6” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
4’-0” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
4’-6” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
5’-4” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
5’-10” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#3 rebar
6’-6” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#4 rebar
7’-6” 2 -7/32” wire 2 -#4 rebar
8’-8” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#4 rebar
9’-4” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#4 rebar
10’-6” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#4 rebar
11’-4” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#5 rebar
12’-0” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#5 rebar
13’-4” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#5 rebar
14’-0” 2 -#3 rebar 2 -#5 rebar
Lauderdale by the Sea Concrete Lintels
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