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Miramar Precast Concrete EV Charging Station Pad

Precast Concrete Slabs


Atlantic Coast Precast is your choice in Miramar for precast concrete EV charging station pad solutions for various installations. Protecting your equipment for years to come, these pads are UV stable and vibration resistant. Providing adaptability with a variety of uses, precast slabs can offer lower construction costs over slabs that are poured in the field, as well as reducing time allowed for forming and curing. When we do not have the proper size in our expansive inventory, we can customize a design using your sketches, samples, and product specifications.

Both functional and low maintenance, our Miramar precast concrete EV charging station pad options are formed using concrete that is reinforced with a microfiber additive to increase its durability. Designed to protect your outdoor equipment by keeping it elevated and off the ground, these slabs are inherently creep and shrink resistant. Meeting masonry requirements for South Florida installations, our slabs add additional durability for your charging station installation. Since 1965, we have worked with architects, designers, contractors, engineers and others in the construction professions to provide precast products.

Designed to withstand vibration and settling thanks to the ribbed underside, these slabs are also resistant to UV exposure and will provide dependable strength and stability for years to come, while mimicking the look of natural stone. When you choose Atlantic Coast Precast for your installations in Miramar, our precast concrete charging station pad solutions are superior to traditional slabs due to our monofilament microfiber additive in our concrete mix, increasing strength and stability for your equipment. Give us a call to learn more about our available options for your next installation.

Precast concrete slabs provide a solid, sturdy foundation for project that requires a solid foundation. The concrete slabs eliminate the risk of uneven mounting surfaces.

Additional color options and designs are available.

The most common uses are for

  • Generators
  • Air Conditioning Pads
  • Irrigation equipment
  • And many other applications

Our concrete slabs are reinforced with grade 60 steel. Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

We produce standard and custom designed slabs to meet your specific requirements - with specific hole placement if required. We can also assist you with engineering drawings.

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