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Concrete Splash Blocks

Concrete Splash Blocks


Control drainage in North Lauderdale with Concrete Splash Blocks designed to direct runoff rainwater away from your building to prevent ponding water and erosion of soil. Atlantic Coast Precast can offer decades of experience since we first established our business in 1965, Today, we are a leading source in North Lauderdale for cost-effective precast splash blocks, also called downspout splash guards. Get your FREE quote, today.

Additional color options and designs are available.

Our largest and most durable splash blocks can be made available for commercial or industrial clients in need of splash guards designed to handle high velocity water flows. In North Lauderdale, concrete splash blocks can be large or small, with a standard size that suits most applications. Designed to be placed beneath the gutter down spouts at your property, these splash guards will disperse storm water to prevent damages to your foundation or landscaping.

Atlantic Coast Precast can work with industry professionals including architects, engineers, designers, and contractors to produce quality precast splash blocks to unique specifications or based off customized samples. In North Lauderdale, concrete splash blocks are a smart defense that can add beauty to your property while preventing major water damages and cracks slabs that can be caused by eroding soil caused by runoff storm water.

Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

Our standard splash blocks come in two sizes:

  • 11" x 24"
  • 14 ½" x 30 ¼" [fan out]

We also manufacture splash blocks customized to your size and design specifications.

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