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If you are looking for ways to increase the longevity and durability of the AC unit at your home in Pembroke Pines, Concrete AC Pad from Atlantic Coast Precast is your best option. Our experts will assist you in picking the appropriate size for applications such as residences, schools, retail establishments, office buildings, recreation centers, and other structures. You can trust the experts at Atlantic Coast Precast, who have worked on numerous projects with architects, designers, builders, engineers, and other professionals in the building business since 1965. With the help of top-notch molds and a reinforcing monofilament microfibre component in our concrete mix, we produce precast concrete equipment pads that are consistently proportioned and of the greatest quality possible in terms of longevity.

You can get in touch with Atlantic Coast Precast in Pembroke Pines for Concrete AC Pads based on customized design. The concrete equipment pads, which have ribs on the underside and are heavier than standard concrete slabs, provide load distribution and self-leveling. When there is a storm or power loss, use brackets to safeguard your equipment. Our concrete equipment pads have the same appearance and texture as real stone, plus they become stronger with use to offer an unmatched lifetime. Your equipment's lifespan may be extended if you install it on a concrete pad and protect it from environmental damage.

Residents in Pembroke Pines prefer Concrete AC Pad from Atlantic Coast Precast for their lightweight versions. These pads may be used to store a wide range of AC units. Due to their considerable weight, concrete AC pads have been difficult for contractors and electricians to carry and install in residential areas for years. While some companies supply transportation, most electricians must make their arrangements. Please select from various pre-made equipment pad sizes or speak with one of our experts to create a solution that meets your specific requirements. To order our concrete AC pad, give us a call.

Precast concrete slabs provide a solid, sturdy foundation for project that requires a solid foundation. The concrete slabs eliminate the risk of uneven mounting surfaces.

Additional color options and designs are available.

The most common uses are for

  • Generators
  • Air Conditioning Pads
  • Irrigation equipment
  • And many other applications

Our concrete slabs are reinforced with grade 60 steel. Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

We produce standard and custom designed slabs to meet your specific requirements - with specific hole placement if required. We can also assist you with engineering drawings.

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