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Pembroke Pines Concrete Light Pole Base

Precast Pembroke Pines Concrete Light Pole Base


Since 1965, architects, designers, builders, and engineers in Pembroke Pines have used Concrete Light Pole Base solutions by Atlantic Coast Precast for various projects. Because they are frequently proportioned using prepared molds, our bases provide outstanding quality and long-lasting use for your external site lighting, runway or taxiway edge lights, signs, or columns—the ribs on the underside aid with vibration reduction and self-leveling. We manufacture our products and provide affordable solutions with a range of sizes in stock.

Although we provide several standard sizes for projects in Pembroke Pines, our Concrete Light Pole Base alternatives may be tailored to your specifications using your ideas, samples, and other materials. Poured-in-place concrete is an option from Atlantic Coast Precast for long-lasting support for your light poles. Our slabs are made using high-quality molds, a reinforced Portland cement mixture, and a monofilament microfibre additive for added strength. For businesses, institutions of higher learning, places of worship, and more, we offer long-lasting installations.

Atlantic Coast Precast offers extended-lasting options in Pembroke Pines, with concrete light pole base installations utilizing the latest technological advances to create a product proven in strength and stability. Since they are poured in a controlled environment, our slabs age to mimic the look of genuine stone and strengthen, for projects of all sizes, we provide many affordable options that are aesthetically pleasing and adaptable for various uses. Contact Atlantic Coast Precast right now to learn more about our manufacturing process and the solutions we might provide for your project.

Steel or fiber bar is used in our bollards for reinforcement. Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength.

We offer many styles of bollards and are happy to work with you to customize a product to suit your needs, because we realize every project is unique

Additional color options and designs are available.

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