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Concrete Parking Bumpers

Concrete Parking Bumpers


Strong and cost-effective in Plantation, Concrete Parking Bumpers are considered an integral part of parking lot design. Long after painted lines have faded, our precast concrete bumpers will remain strong, functional, and attractive. Atlantic Coast Precast has been a source for precast products since 1965, having worked with many contractors, architects, engineers, and designers over the years.

Additional color options and designs are available.

For your lot or along your sidewalk in Plantation, concrete parking bumpers are a smart way to protect pedestrians, buildings, parked vehicles, vegetation, signs and fences, and other obstacles from damages caused by vehicle roll-offs and oncoming traffic. We can include safety yellow or ADA blue paint when required and may even be able to offer larger concrete bumpers for bigger, industrial trucks and vehicles when needed.

Atlantic Coast Precast has delivered strong and durable Plantation concrete parking bumpers reinforced with dual lengths of rebar to reduce cracking. We can even include graduated tapered ends to minimize the risk of cutting tires, ensuring your lot is safe from pedestrians and drivers. You can rely on our team for decades of experience, easy delivery, and fast installation. Get your FREE quote today when you call our friendly team.

All our car stops are available in a Grey cement, white or yellow finish. Our yellow and white parking curbs contain a color pigment and need no painting

LOW PROFILE 4 ¼"H X 5 ¾"W X 72"L with (2) #3 Rebar Pins
HALF ROUND 5"H X 7"W X 72"L with (2) #3 Rebar Pins
STANDARD 5"H X 71/4" W X 72"L with (2) #3 Rebar Pins
HEAVY DUTY 6"H X 9" W X 72"L with (2) #4 Rebar Pins
Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength
All parking curbs are reinforced with fiber bar.
Steel rebar is available upon request.

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Precast Parking Bumpers
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