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Concrete Caps

Concrete Caps


Finish your project in Plantation with Precast Concrete Wall Caps for your posts, pillars, columns, or mailboxes. Concrete wall caps are placed on top of each for protection from weather and corrosion. Plus, they can add visual appeal to your residential or commercial building when you're searching for a touch of flair. Our team has decades of experience working with industry professionals to cast custom wall caps to their unique specifications, sketches, and samples.

Atlantic Coast Precast has been a trusted source for precast products and services since 1965. Today, we work with architects, engineers, designers, and contractors to source flat, bull-nose, tiered, or ogee wall caps. In Plantation, precast concrete wall caps can even be customized to match the unique shape, size, and style you have in mind. With precast materials, you are limited only by your imagination. Get in touch, today, for your FREE quote to get started.

Usually in Plantation, precast concrete wall caps should be slightly larger than the dimensions of the column, pillar, or posts to allow rainwater to drop off the edge. This way, your building will be protected from the damaging effects of rain and wind. Since precast mimics the aging process of natural stone it will actually strengthen in time and won't require maintenance. It's smart to finish your project with wall caps for a distinctive appeal and lasting protection.

Additional color options and designs are available.

Grade 60 steel, galvanized or fiber bar is used in our wall caps for reinforcement. Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

We have produced many customized caps for Architects and contractors and will be happy to customize wall caps to suit your specifications.

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