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Port Everglades Concrete AC Pad

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Atlantic Coast Precast in Port Everglades designs a Concrete AC pad that is the finest and a strong basis for your AC unit. Our concrete AC pad is tailored to your equipment's form, size, footprint, and weight. Small pads can cause several problems, including insufficient access and maintenance areas, which make it impossible to keep your equipment properly. Our concrete AC pad elevates the AC unit above the surface, maintains its level, stops it from sinking, and speeds up installation by doing away with gravel beds. A proper enclosure will shield your AC unit from the elements, preventing early damage. We have provided industry experts, such as designers, engineers, and architects, with the best concrete AC pads, since 1965.

In Port Everglades, Concrete AC Pads by Atlantic Coast Precast ensures that the AC unit can sit upright and away from mud and dirt, which is important for it to work effectively. Our concrete pad is a great choice for maintaining the AC unit used by your business in a stable and hygienic environment since it is made to your exact specifications. We are aware of the problems that a poor AC pad could bring about, like a lack of space for your AC pad to be secured and a challenging location for access and maintenance.

Atlantic Coast Precast in Port Everglades, construct Concrete AC Pad to meet your needs. We will proceed with your demands as soon as we have established the size of the concrete AC pad you need. We certify that the dimensions of the concrete pad comply with industry norms. Either the equipment pad is too thin or too thick. The concrete pad might crack in that situation, resulting in equipment damage and legal issues. Therefore, you must choose the best concrete AC pad. Get in touch with us to know more about our concrete AC pad.

Precast concrete slabs provide a solid, sturdy foundation for project that requires a solid foundation. The concrete slabs eliminate the risk of uneven mounting surfaces.

Additional color options and designs are available.

The most common uses are for

  • Generators
  • Air Conditioning Pads
  • Irrigation equipment
  • And many other applications

Our concrete slabs are reinforced with grade 60 steel. Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

We produce standard and custom designed slabs to meet your specific requirements - with specific hole placement if required. We can also assist you with engineering drawings.

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