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Concrete Vent Blocks

Concrete Vent Blocks


Since 1965, we have served West Palm Beach with Concrete Vent Blocks produced in our factory and delivered to your site. Atlantic Coast Precast can offer a range of options for concrete vent blocks, whether you're seeking functionality, decoration, or both. Our decorative vent blocks feature one, solid piece and will not allow air to pass through, instead enhancing the beauty of your building all around.

Attractive and practical, our functional West Palm Beach concrete vent blocks are effective in cutting heavy winds without blocking all circulation of air for ventilation. They will allow light and air into a functional space while blocking moisture from wreaking havoc underneath your building or structure. By allowing trapped moisture to exit, these vent blocks maintain adequate circulation in foundations, crawlspaces, and more.

When you call Atlantic Coast Precast today, we can offer a FREE quote on any of our West Palm Beach concrete vent blocks in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes. Our precast concrete is durable, low maintenance, and can be customized to enhance any architectural style. Our two-piece vent block includes a screen and is useful for cross-ventilating garages, foundations, and range hoods. Call today and ask our friendly professionals for more information to get started.

Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

Our most popular sizes are:

  • 4 "X 8" X 16"
  • 4" x 12" x 12"
  • 4" X 16" X 16"
4" X 16" X 16" VENT BLOCK Precast Vent Blocks

We offer STACKABLE VENT BLOCKS that are ideal for ventilation of warehouses and public areas such as restrooms.

Concrete Vent Blocks

We will be happy work with you to produce custom designed vent blocks

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