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Concrete Caps

Concrete Caps


We can produce West Palm Beach Precast Concrete Wall Caps for any pillars, posts, columns, or mailbox on your property. Wall caps are a finishing touch for these features that can protect your concrete from weather and corrosion while adding flair to any architectural style. Since 1965, Atlantic Coast Precast has worked closely with industry professionals to cast custom wall caps based on their unique specifications, samples, or sketches. Get your FREE quote, today.

Contractors, designers, architects, and engineers alike will find easy customizations are simple to find with the friendly professionals at Atlantic Coast Precast. We have decades of experience working with precast concrete and can let you know more about the perks of this reliable material. Usually, you will need a slightly larger wall cap than the dimensions of your post to allow overhang. This way, runoff rainwater will be guided away from the wall below.

From flat and bull-nose wall caps to tiered and ogee options in West Palm Beach, precast concrete wall caps are functional and versatile. They are watertight and will not require any maintenance. Plus, precast concrete mimics the aging process of natural stone for lasting protection and strength that only increases in time. Did you know that precast concrete is resistant to creeping and shrinkage, too? Call to begin discussing your plans for precast wall caps.

Additional color options and designs are available.

Grade 60 steel, galvanized or fiber bar is used in our wall caps for reinforcement. Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

We have produced many customized caps for Architects and contractors and will be happy to customize wall caps to suit your specifications.

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