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Weston Concrete AC Pad

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Our experts at Atlantic Coast Precast in Weston design Concrete AC Pad that is naturally crept- and shrinkage-resistant. Our concrete AC pads become stronger with time and resemble real stone. Since 1965, we have provided architects, designers, builders, engineers, and other industry experts in the construction business with Concrete AC pads that are durable and aesthetically designed. We could create a design from scratch using your suggestions, samples, or specifications when we don't already have the proper size or form in stock.

If you are looking for ways to prevent your air conditioners from deteriorating due to exposure to the weather in Weston, our Concrete AC pad is the best option. Concrete equipment pads from Atlantic Coast Precast have been used in various commercial and residential applications. A concrete platform may be installed to lift AC units out of the muck and dirt while retaining their efficiency and legality. Concrete AC pads are necessary when your AC unit requires a stable base for weight distribution and support. Without an AC pad, your AC unit can sink into the ground and may age prematurely.

Atlantic Coast Precast in Weston provides flexibility in our production process for Weston Concrete AC Pad projects. We create concrete AC pads that are renowned for their sturdiness and stability. Choose from our Concrete AC pad, or send us your custom order for design. Protect your AC unit with our high-quality AC pads. To satisfy all of your precast concrete needs, Atlantic Coast Precast has been providing outstanding products since 1965. The most common type of support for air conditioning systems is concrete pads. They prevent your expensive AC unit from being left on the ground, which increases the unit's life by years. Call us now to learn more about our concrete AC pad choices.

Precast concrete slabs provide a solid, sturdy foundation for project that requires a solid foundation. The concrete slabs eliminate the risk of uneven mounting surfaces.

Additional color options and designs are available.

The most common uses are for

  • Generators
  • Air Conditioning Pads
  • Irrigation equipment
  • And many other applications

Our concrete slabs are reinforced with grade 60 steel. Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

We produce standard and custom designed slabs to meet your specific requirements - with specific hole placement if required. We can also assist you with engineering drawings.

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