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Concrete Parking Bumpers

Concrete Parking Bumpers


In Weston Precast Concrete Parking Bumpers are a smart way to protect vehicles, buildings, vegetation, and lawns from oncoming traffic and will make it easier for driver to navigate into parking spaces. At Atlantic Coast Precast, since 1965, we have worked closely with contractors, architects, engineers, designers, and other industry professionals to deliver a high standard of service. Call today for a FREE estimate to get started.

Additional color options and designs are available.

In Weston, Precast Concrete Parking Bumpers are an important element to your parking lot, not just for your safety and security, but also for the overall design. Parking bumpers can be custom designed and even painted to your liking and they can help protect fences, pedestrians, customers, and more when you install them properly. Call our team at Atlantic Coast Precast today to learn more about how we can help you!

When vehicles veer off the road, major damages can occur to your property, pedestrians, or other parked cars, but installing our custom manufactured Weston Precast Concrete Parking Bumpers in your lot, you can try and mitigate some of this damage. There's no need to worry when you're in our good hands. Call Atlantic Coast Precast today to learn more! We're happy to help wherever we can!

All our car stops are available in a Grey cement, white or yellow finish. Our yellow and white parking curbs contain a color pigment and need no painting

LOW PROFILE 4 ¼"H X 5 ¾"W X 72"L with (2) #3 Rebar Pins
HALF ROUND 5"H X 7"W X 72"L with (2) #3 Rebar Pins
STANDARD 5"H X 71/4" W X 72"L with (2) #3 Rebar Pins
HEAVY DUTY 6"H X 9" W X 72"L with (2) #4 Rebar Pins
Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength
All parking curbs are reinforced with fiber bar.
Steel rebar is available upon request.

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Precast Parking Bumpers
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