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Concrete Splash Blocks

Concrete Splash Blocks


There's Wilton Manors Precast Concrete Splash Blocks waiting for you when you work with Atlantic Coast Precast! You can prevent severe and costly rain water damages to your foundation and erosion of soil in your lawn and landscaping by just implementing the use of splash blocks. Atlantic Coast Precast can help you get the protection you need and the look and feel you want.

Additional color options and designs are available.

You can pick from our range of Wilton Manors Precast Concrete Splash Blocks that our team at Atlantic Coast Precast can provide you with what you need. Splash blocks can help give you the look that you need when you're also looking to protect your building. Water can wreak havoc on your foundations but at Atlantic Coast Precast we can prevent that! Call our team to learn more!

Our team can provide Wilton Manors with Precast Concrete Splash Blocks made from precast materials that wont let you down and wont degrade too quickly. Our team are happy to help guide you through any of our choices that we have, and if you can't find something that's up to your needs, we can custom create it for you! Call our team today to find out more and to get your FREE quote!

Monofilament microfiber concrete additive is used in our concrete mix for increased strength

Our standard splash blocks come in two sizes:

  • 11" x 24"
  • 14 ½" x 30 ¼" [fan out]

We also manufacture splash blocks customized to your size and design specifications.

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