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in     by Gail Kruger 1-10-2018


Precast Concrete Vent blocks provide not only beauty but practical protection while allowing light and air into the functional space. They are especially useful in cutting heavy winds without blocking all circulation of air for ventilation.

The two-piece vent block [block and screen] can also be used for cross-ventilation in garages, foundations and range hoods. Foundation vents and exterior vents are your first line of defense against the moisture that can wreak havoc underneath a structure. The Stackable Vent block, while serving a practical need, also enhances the aesthetics of the finished product.

We offer stackable vent blocks [dimensions below] and regular vent blocks in standard sizes and can skillfully accommodate your customization needs.   Sizes: 4″X8″X16″ and 4″X16″X16″

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