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January 24, 2018

Atlantic Coast Precast

Precast Concrete Fences Make Their Debut in South Florida

Why Architects and HOAs Prefer Concrete Fences

Broward County, FL: Atlantic Coast Precast's Fencing Division has recently launched their locally manufactured double-sided range of Precast Concrete Fencing products.  With a textured design on both sides, these fences are attractive, effective, and economical.

According to Gail Kruger, the marketing contact for Atlantic Coast Precast, the team could not be more elated to announce the launch of their new range of concrete fencing.

“We are excited to introduce our new attractive, low maintenance concrete fencing that is engineered to withstand wind gusts up to 175 mph. This is the perfect addition for a commercial or residential property as it is both cost effective and low maintenance!”

What Makes Precast Concrete Fences Desirable?

As a reliable alternative to the typical masonry wall, the low maintenance precast concrete fences are incomparable to competing products on the market. The desire for this durable product runs deeper than the double-sided texture designs on the wall, posts, and caps. Atlantic Coast Precast has created low maintenance fencing that is easy to clean, easy to repair when necessary and is manufactured from eco-friendly materials.    

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the precast concrete fences are engineered to withstand higher wind speeds than competing wood or plastic fences. This versatile product could double as a residential fencing option and a security fence. Precast concrete fences are simply a more affordable way of keeping a property secure. Their easy installation makes them a competitive option for homeowners, HOA’s, homebuilders and housing developers from the Key West in the South to Tallahassee in the North. What more could you want for your current South Florida landscape?

About Atlantic Coast Precast (ACP): ACP is a fully integrated decorative concrete manufacturer focusing on the needs of the residential and commercial markets. Originating in 1965, Atlantic Coast Precast has been leading industry professionals, contractors, and architects in the realm of concrete design. The main goal of ACP has always been to complement the integrity of unique structures by focusing on their restorative elements. Their molds from the 60’s have recently witnessed a surge in popularity.  ACP’s work with concrete panels, balusters, and posts speaks for itself. APC also offers customized options on all precast concrete products in Southern Florida. Contact them for your next project at (954)-564-6245 or by email at:



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